Set Me Free

I hate you I shout,

Stay away from me.

What do I have to do,

to make you stay away?

It hurts inside,

they have taken things from me.

The darkness surrounds me

God take it away.

I am dying inside, there are too many flaws.

This man says he loves me,

sorry I have heard that before.

But something is different, can it be?

Something is different about the way he looks at me.

I glance his way, just to be sure,

just to see.

Yes, yes he is still looking at me.

What should I do, what should I say?

Something about this man makes me want to hide away.

I have to hide.

Quick find a space,

if he looks any deeper,

he will see my disgrace.

God help me hide my face.

Look left, look right,

ok there is a space.

Yes, it is quiet here in this place.

He cannot see me here in the dark.

The blackness is so deep,

it looks just like my heart.

God be my light.

Hold on, what is that?

Stop, stop, it is too bright.

Brighter and brighter the shine hurts my eyes,

oh my God save me, I am going to die.

Come, Come, I hear someone say.

Ha, what ever, I plan to stay.

Come, Come, there he goes again,

Doesn’t he know I have great sin?

Come, Come, he beckons is me forth,

but I am perfectly happy, living in this filth.

Beloved, my love, I hear the words so softly.

No, it must be a trick because I am not worthy

Come my love, come,

Ok, Ok I say,

But, let me warn you;

this woman is about to decay.

My beloved I have waited.

Are you are kidding me?

Beloved I made you specifically for me.

No how can that be?

Take my hand, and we will take flight.

Here is hand, I feel so light.

Believe in me and your goodness will show.

Hey, my heart is as clean as snow.

I am light, I am free,

the darkness has gone away from me.

My Lord, My Lord Oh how I love thee

Thank you, for setting me free.


The Promise

Welcome to Oh So Sweet the Promise. The Promise is what I made to God many years ago. I promised to not sleep with any man who is not my husband. I have been going 28 years strong and I have not wavered yet. God has blessed me in countless ways and keeping this promise to him is my ministry!