The New Look of a Virgin

The New Look of a Virgin

Today’s virgin is a strong woman. She is goal driven, meticulous, seeks justice for all, and is trustworthy. She is also pure in heart, spirit mind and soul. It is her job and duty to be the exacter of social justice and lead by example. You can believe that a man will never bring her down, her goals in life are to be the best daughter, sister, employer, employee, student, co-worker and human that she can every be.

However, most of all today’s virgin is a woman on an ultimate mission, a mission that so many other powerful women that have come before her have undertaken. Nothing and absolutely nothing can deter her from this mission. There are two things. Only two things to remember about this woman. She will do anything and I mean any thing to protect the dignity and the sovereignty of her mission. What is this mission you ask? Well let me tell you.

Her mission is to be the best mother and lover she can be. This woman will go to many lengths to see that this happens. There is nothing in the world that she holds more sacred than her man, marriage and her children. Oh yes she is a professional, and she will work, but her children and husband will always come first.


Here are some ways to make sure you stay a virgin:

1. Make up your mind not to have sex before you go out with the girls.

2. If a man wants to have a long-term relationship with you, be honest and tell him up front. If you want it, put a ring on it.

3. Let ever man that you are open to talk and have fun, but not open for sex (that way they don’t have any expectations)

4. Always try and go out with your man, don’t stay indoors and in intimate settings

5. After a wonderful date, leave him at the door, no nightcaps.

6. It is all in the body language; say you are sexy but not wanting.

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Is sexual freedom for women really worth it?

The concept of sexual freedom for women needs to change. Part 1

For some reason the idea of sexual freedom for women has become the perverted idea that women can sleep with, as many partners are they want to and there will be no consequences. Now a middle class woman that sleeps with a middle class man or a man of higher class and she is seen as an independent woman. However, a woman of lower socio-economic status who sleeps around is thought of as loose and cheap.

The difference between the two women is that the woman of lower socio-economic status is more likely to get pregnant or contract an STD. There are several reasons for that. One is that she has less resources and access to birth control and condoms. Second, they are more likely to have sex with men who use intravenous drugs, doubling their chances of having an STD.

Sexual freedom for these women is a life sentence. It is sentence to a life of poverty, and a life that looks very different from the one she had originally planned. This story goes similarly for working class women except their decent into poverty is a little slower.

Stay tuned for part 2: A Matter of Anatomy

The dumbest Idea Ever

One of the Dumbest Thing I Every Heard

I have heard some dumb proposals in my lifetime, but this one just takes the cake. There are certain school districts (none of them in Texas) that are trying to changing the grading system. They want to change the system, so that more children can have a better-looking transcript so that they can get into college.

If the school board passes this proposal, more children will get the coveted A. Doesn’t this make you sick. It makes me sick to my stomach.

Besides all of the obvious reasons why this new system is a bad idea; American students are already having a hard time competing with other students industrial nations. This new grading system will reduce this countries change of competing in the global economy even further.

Parents, do home work with you children. Help them understand the value of education. Don’t just make excuses for your children. When you make excuses for your children, it hurts you, your child and the entire country in the end.

Set a schedule for your child:

3:45- Come home form school

4:10- Eat a snack

4:30- Do home work (with parent sitting right there helping). Go to the computer and get extra work sheets. Multitask and have dinner cooking at the same time. If you can’t help you child, if someone who can.

6:30-Dinner time

7:30-Bath time

8:00-TV time

8:30- Bed time

Now the schedule doesn’t have to be rigid, but you need a schedule none the less. All experts say that children function better when they have a schedule. Pay attention to your child. They are your responsibility. If something is wrong with your child deal with it!

Of course setting a schedule requires you to actually sacrifice you time and actually be there for your child, and why in the world should you do that?

And you wonder why?

There was an old woman

Who lived in a shoe

She has so many children

She didn’t know what to do

She gave then some broth

Without any bread

She whipped the all soundly

And sent the to bed

Read the nursery rhythm above and picture this woman, she is a mother, a sister, a daughter. If you think of her as a woman in her twenties or thirties in today’s world; then I ask you the question, why must she suffer the way she does. Is she liberated? Oh I get it. She doesn’t need a man. “I can do it all by my self”. So men have come and gone in her life. None of them have stayed. She is enjoying sexual liberation. A few children later and she is frustrated, poor and depressed. Where are the fathers?

Honey he never made a commitment to stay, it was a one night, one week, one month, one year stand. You had fun while it lasted and so did he. Did you think he would stay after, why should he? He made a comment to pay his lease, but no commitment to you. He made a commitment to pay his car note, but no commitment to you. He made a commitment to his job but no commitment to you.

Do you know why he made those commitments? Because all those people asked it of him to. They demanded it. They set their standards and did not settle for any less.

Sign here, sir and the car is yours. Fill out this contract and you can start work tomorrow. But with you, he just winked, or smile, or said something charming. He may have even bought you something nice. The bottom line, he didn’t make a commitment to stay until death do you part.

So how do you get a man that will stay? Here is another nursery rhythm that can help you out with the process. I used my name, but you can insert yours.

Gladys and Phil Sitting in a tree


First comes loves

then come marriage

then comes a baby in a baby carriage.

Get married! Take your time and find the right man. Learn about him. Observe him, get to know him. Than marry him. I do believe that men should take responsibility for their actions, but that is another topic. This whole article is to make a point. Get Married! Before you give your heart and your body to a man. You have to make a commitment to each other or he can walk out the door at anytime. There is a possibility of divorce, but again, that is another topic.