And you wonder why?

There was an old woman

Who lived in a shoe

She has so many children

She didn’t know what to do

She gave then some broth

Without any bread

She whipped the all soundly

And sent the to bed

Read the nursery rhythm above and picture this woman, she is a mother, a sister, a daughter. If you think of her as a woman in her twenties or thirties in today’s world; then I ask you the question, why must she suffer the way she does. Is she liberated? Oh I get it. She doesn’t need a man. “I can do it all by my self”. So men have come and gone in her life. None of them have stayed. She is enjoying sexual liberation. A few children later and she is frustrated, poor and depressed. Where are the fathers?

Honey he never made a commitment to stay, it was a one night, one week, one month, one year stand. You had fun while it lasted and so did he. Did you think he would stay after, why should he? He made a comment to pay his lease, but no commitment to you. He made a commitment to pay his car note, but no commitment to you. He made a commitment to his job but no commitment to you.

Do you know why he made those commitments? Because all those people asked it of him to. They demanded it. They set their standards and did not settle for any less.

Sign here, sir and the car is yours. Fill out this contract and you can start work tomorrow. But with you, he just winked, or smile, or said something charming. He may have even bought you something nice. The bottom line, he didn’t make a commitment to stay until death do you part.

So how do you get a man that will stay? Here is another nursery rhythm that can help you out with the process. I used my name, but you can insert yours.

Gladys and Phil Sitting in a tree


First comes loves

then come marriage

then comes a baby in a baby carriage.

Get married! Take your time and find the right man. Learn about him. Observe him, get to know him. Than marry him. I do believe that men should take responsibility for their actions, but that is another topic. This whole article is to make a point. Get Married! Before you give your heart and your body to a man. You have to make a commitment to each other or he can walk out the door at anytime. There is a possibility of divorce, but again, that is another topic.


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