The dumbest Idea Ever

One of the Dumbest Thing I Every Heard

I have heard some dumb proposals in my lifetime, but this one just takes the cake. There are certain school districts (none of them in Texas) that are trying to changing the grading system. They want to change the system, so that more children can have a better-looking transcript so that they can get into college.

If the school board passes this proposal, more children will get the coveted A. Doesn’t this make you sick. It makes me sick to my stomach.

Besides all of the obvious reasons why this new system is a bad idea; American students are already having a hard time competing with other students industrial nations. This new grading system will reduce this countries change of competing in the global economy even further.

Parents, do home work with you children. Help them understand the value of education. Don’t just make excuses for your children. When you make excuses for your children, it hurts you, your child and the entire country in the end.

Set a schedule for your child:

3:45- Come home form school

4:10- Eat a snack

4:30- Do home work (with parent sitting right there helping). Go to the computer and get extra work sheets. Multitask and have dinner cooking at the same time. If you can’t help you child, if someone who can.

6:30-Dinner time

7:30-Bath time

8:00-TV time

8:30- Bed time

Now the schedule doesn’t have to be rigid, but you need a schedule none the less. All experts say that children function better when they have a schedule. Pay attention to your child. They are your responsibility. If something is wrong with your child deal with it!

Of course setting a schedule requires you to actually sacrifice you time and actually be there for your child, and why in the world should you do that?




  2. LOL yes thank you. I get so frustrated when I read things about dumb parents. It really gets me fired up. I don’t have kids, but I already know that i want the best for them and that means allowing them to perform to the best of their ability. Do you have any kids?

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