The New Look of a Virgin

The New Look of a Virgin

Today’s virgin is a strong woman. She is goal driven, meticulous, seeks justice for all, and is trustworthy. She is also pure in heart, spirit mind and soul. It is her job and duty to be the exacter of social justice and lead by example. You can believe that a man will never bring her down, her goals in life are to be the best daughter, sister, employer, employee, student, co-worker and human that she can every be.

However, most of all today’s virgin is a woman on an ultimate mission, a mission that so many other powerful women that have come before her have undertaken. Nothing and absolutely nothing can deter her from this mission. There are two things. Only two things to remember about this woman. She will do anything and I mean any thing to protect the dignity and the sovereignty of her mission. What is this mission you ask? Well let me tell you.

Her mission is to be the best mother and lover she can be. This woman will go to many lengths to see that this happens. There is nothing in the world that she holds more sacred than her man, marriage and her children. Oh yes she is a professional, and she will work, but her children and husband will always come first.


Here are some ways to make sure you stay a virgin:

1. Make up your mind not to have sex before you go out with the girls.

2. If a man wants to have a long-term relationship with you, be honest and tell him up front. If you want it, put a ring on it.

3. Let ever man that you are open to talk and have fun, but not open for sex (that way they don’t have any expectations)

4. Always try and go out with your man, don’t stay indoors and in intimate settings

5. After a wonderful date, leave him at the door, no nightcaps.

6. It is all in the body language; say you are sexy but not wanting.

(Stay tuned for more)



  1. Gladys!

    So glad you found my blog post! For ALL the information you could ever want on FAM, purchase the book “taking charge of your fertility.” You should be able to fast it on Amazon for cheep. It’s a big book, but such a fascinating read it goes by fast! Let me know what you think about it!!!


    Sarah Miller

  2. Hi Sarah yes i am glad I found your blog. I am no were near getting married but it is good information. I was shocked when i saw it. Wow that is info we need to be talking about. Thank you for posting.

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