Real Woman: Natasha Richardson

The world of acting has lost a real star; Natasha Richardson will be missed by all. Over the years, I have enjoyed Richardson’s movies. Of course, my personal favorite was the parent Trap.

Natasha Richardson was a good actress, but she was also a wife and a mother. She is a symbol of hope. Hope that being famous does not mean that a woman has to give up her dreams of a successful marriage. She has proven that it is possible for a woman to pursue her dreams and career, while still exploring the joys of being a wife and the adventures of being a mother.

From all accounts, Richardson scheduled her filming and career around her family. She was not a selfish woman. She made the decision to get married and have children and she took her responsibilities seriously. It is so refreshing to know that a woman can achieve all of her dreams in the chaotic world of Hollywood.

To the family and friends of Natasha Richardson:

I pray that you will always have wonderful memories of the wife, daughter, mother and friend that you have lost. I hope that you always stand by her husband and sons, because they will need you more now than ever. Stand by them not just today, but tomorrow, a week from now, and years from now.

To Liam Neeson and His sons:
Richardson, Natasha & Neeson, Liam
Thank you for sharing your wife and mother with us. She had a true talent and she was a wonderful example of a strong, selfless woman. As a fan fans I will miss looking forward to her next movie. I will also keep you in my prayers. I hope you will always she wonder memories to get you through the tough times.


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