Courting Part 1

Virgin Monologues: Court Me
Courting has been around for all time and some people have embraced, while others have shunned it. Practicing Christians embrace courting as a way to develop a relationship with the opposite sex and remain with in the guidelines set by God. in the Bible God has set some specific guidelines for single and married people.
1 Corinthians 7:8-9
Now I say to those who aren’t married and widows-it is better to stay unmarried, just as I am. But if they can not control themselves they should go ahead and marry. It is better to marry than to bur with lust.

Paul was writing to the church and people in Corinth, but this applies to us today. Sex before marriage is a sin in Gods eyes and therefore, courting makes it easier to live within the will of God. The main goal of courting is to see if your partner is the right one for you to marry. People who court do not date.

I feel that anybody, Christian or not can decided to court. Courting is a way of forming a relationship that can heal old wounds or keep your heart from being shredded to pieces. The number one rule of courting is no sex. No sex of any kind.

However, courting is more than not having a sexual relationship with a person. It is deeper than that. It is seeing the person for who they truly are, without the cloudiness and emotions that come along with a sexually involved relationship. When you court someone, you become their friend and they become yours. If the person is compatible with you, then you create a deep bond, which will last a lifetime.

Six ways to ensure your courting relationship is successful:

1 Make sure that courting is right for you. You have to believe in it, have self control and be disciplined.
2 Tell your intended partner about your goals up front. For example, explain to them your intentions of courting.
3 Chose to visit with each other in open setting or by doing character building activities.
4 Dress modestly, to avoid giving off the wrong message. You can wear clothes that are flattering to your figure without it saying Motel 6.
5 Get to know each others families, and friends that will tell you a lot about your partner.
6 Always be fully aware of your partners faith based beliefs and how those beliefs play out in their lives.
Courting is fun and although it is not emotion free, you can end a courting relationship on mutual agreement, because both you and your partner will be fully aware of your feelings or lack there of towards each other. Yes, your heart will ache a little, but it will not break in several tiny pieces.



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