A Life Style: Courting Part 2

Courting is life style. The main purpose of courting is marriage. The people who decide to court and are successful at courting make purity a life style. It is a way of living that includes healthy eating habits, a healthy spiritual life, healthy relationships with family members and a healthy relationship all of the people the person comes in contact with.

When a person decides to court, they must choose a partner who is a willing to court as well, otherwise, it will not work. The partner has to understand what courting is and understand the benefits of courting.

The benefits of courting include:

-Clear thinking without the emotional cloud involved in a sexual relationship.
-Friendship which is very important for a good marriage
-No risks of pregancy or STD’s
-Socialzing with other like minded coupes, which will be helpful for acountability and healthy friendshis once yo are married


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