Micheal Jackson

The King of Pop is gone. I remember growing up to his music. It is interesting because at the time my parents wouldn’t let me listen to some of his songs becase I was “too young” for the lyrics. Wow, I can not believe he is gone.  

His legend will live forever in a world that he could never understand and a world that never undstand him. I am sorry I never got to see Michael in concert. I have seen videos of his concert and they were amazing.


My prayers are with Miaels children, friends, and family.


Mothers in the Bible:Mary’s Journey

Mary is known around the world as the mother of Jesus Christ the son of God. I want to take a simplistic view of Mary and the situation she found herself in according to the Bible.

Matthew 1:18-19
These verses in the Bible say that Mary was a virgin and was engaged to Joseph, however, before they could get married, she became pregnant.

During that time in Jewish culture it was automatically assumed that a young unmarried woman was a virgin. Therefore, when Mary found out that she was with child, I can just imagin her distress. She may have had all sorts of thoughts running through her head.
How was she going to explain her pregnancy to Joseph?
How was going to explain it to her family?
What kind of life would her child have?

Joseph, Mary’s future husband decided to divorce her in private, but he did not get that chance. The Bible says that an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph and told him that the child was conceived by the Holy Spirit. The angle also told Joseph to take Mary to Belthlahem and marry her.

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