Simple Rules to Live by:If you are going to court a WFJ

WFJ= woman for Jesus

Simple Rules:

1. A Woman For Jesus, needs a man who has a relationship with God.

2. A true WFJ will never have sex with you if the two of you are not married. If sex is something you can’t do with for six months to year. Smile and walk away.

3. Education is important. If you don’t have one, smile and walk away.

4. Listen to every word she says during your first few outings. Write them down and engrave them in your brain. Trust me she is telling you the truth.

5. If you drink socially, please know that to a WFJ, two beers is the max. If you drink more than that, smile at her and walk away.

6. Etiquette  is a must. If you don’t know the does and don’t of how to treat a lady. Smile and walk away. Or keep watching this blog, a topic is sure to come.

7. If you have friends who don’t have a plan for improving their lives and building you up, smile and walk away.


History of the Wedding Dress

wedding dress

The white dress was not originally the symbol of purity. Way back when, brides used to show their status in society by wear multicolored wedding dresses. Their dresses were designed to be mimic the fashion of the time.

Blue was the symbol of purity and therefore brides would wear a high fahioned blue dress to their wedding.

The white dress did not come on the scene until 1840, when Queen Victoria wore a high fashioned White wedding gown to her wedding. White was a symbol of wealth, because few women in the day wore it in their selection of clothing. After Queen Victoria burst on the scenes with her white dress, it became the envy of all women in Europe and around the world.

Only a White Dress Will Do

Only a white dress will do for this girl. I want to walk down the aisle in a beautiful white dress, long veil and white shoes (it will probably be after labor dayLOL).

I want my white dress to mean something. I want it to be my symbol of purity. My husband and my friends and my family will all know that my White dress is a gift to my husband and model for the young women in the world.

Stay tuned……

Paris Jackson: A Little Lady

Today the world watched a memorial service for the worlds best and biggest entertainer (Michael Jackson). As I sat and watched, I saw each one of his children sit in their chair and behave in a manner that showed they were raised with love and dignity.

Paris Jackson is a beautiful sweet little lady, who participated in the occasion with the mannerisms of a woman, not a little girl her age. When she tried to give a final farewell to her father. It was one of the most heart felt, touching moment of the entire event. It was easy to see her pain and how much she loves her father.

I pray for all the Jackson children, but I pray most of all for Paris. May she grow up to be a loving soul, who will carry on her fathers humanitarian spirit through the world.


As more and more people reflect on Micheal Jackson’s death, his child molestation trial comes up and it just leads me to ask some serious questions of parents in general.

Please keep in mind that I am in no way saying I believe Micheal Jackson was guilty or not guilty of any of the charges brought against him.

To Parents of all the children that went to the Neverland Ranch and spent the night. These questions can be asked of all parents who are leaving their children in overnight facilities.

1 Did you at anytime fill out a medical liability form?

This form is so, so important. It gives the caregiver important information about the child’s overall health and the name of their primary doctor. It also lists any conditions for which the child takes medication and how medication should be administered.

2 Did you at anytime investigate the facilities to evaluate the overall safety of the ranch?

Just walk around and check to see where the children will sleep? Did you check to see if  there were cracks in the equipment, were there animals on the property, is the property clean?

3 If you filled out any forms, did the forms include items like person of emergency contact, food allergies, food preferences?

It is important for a caregiver to know who to call in case of an emergency especially overnight. Food allergies are given and a food preference questions allows the caregiver to know what your child will eat.

4 Did you you at anytime inquire about the insurance liability the ranch carries?

All facilities that house children overnight should have insurance in case of any emergencies. To obtain insurance there are some prerequisites like all employees need to have a background check, the facility is inspected and only if it passes inspection do they get insurance. This should give you a little peace of mind.


5 Did you at anytime inquire about the staff background? Did you at anytime meet the staff who would be directly taking care of your children?

Staff background is self explanatory. You have to meet the person who will be with your child during the night. Simple and clear!!!!!!! No buts about it!!!!!

Parent why are you putting your children in danger?

The ultimate question. Child molesters are not going to stop until they are put away. So it is up to you as a parent to protect your children in situations that are in your control.

Stay tuned for situations in your control.

To all of the parents who have tried to protect their children and it was not enough. I pray with you and I ask Gods blessings on your little ones.