It is the Simple Things in Life

Like one of my favorite country music singer says. It is the simple things in life. I swear we try to make life more complicated than it needs to be.

Take time to look around you and open your minds eye. Look at the atmosphere and the spirits of all the things and people that surround you. Is your atmosphere tranquil and safe? Is it stress free and on the path to your one true purpose in life? If not, take a minute and weed out the negative forces in your life.

Negative forces includes all the nouns (persons, places and things). An example of a things that may be negative in your life is all the technology you have. Spending hours on the computer and texting endlessly on your phone is interfering with your ability to form true quality relationships. Every hour your spend on the computer takes away form the time you could be cultivating relationships with your family, children, husband, wife, and friends.

Negative places are bars and places with loud noises and places that are unsafe. These places encourage people to interact on a superficial level, and discourage people from personalizing and getting to know each other in a quality way. Some places encourage people lack self-discipline to become intoxicate thus loosing control of their lives for a space of time.

Take a look at your life my friends and start to weed out the negative.


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