Did you see Gods answer

There was man stuck on top of his roof in a flood. So he prayed to God and asked God to resuce him. A short time later a family in a canoe came by
He waved them on and told them he was going to wait becuase the canoe didn’t look too safe. 
Half an hour after that a boat with rescue crew came by and he waved them on again. The man said “God, I am waiting, why are you not rescuing me”?
Finally a helicopter came by and the man thought it was too dangerous so he waved them on. 
When the man died and went to heaven, he asked God why he had not rescued him? God said, “I sent the canoe, I sent the boat and rescue crew, and I even sent you a helicopter. What more did you want me to do”?

I must admit I have been the man on the roof many times, but I am learning to listen when God speaks to me. Have you prayed for something and are still waiting for an answer? Take a minute and look around you, you may have already gotten an answer, but you don’t recognize it, because you are expecting something else. Remember God always answers when we pray.

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