Same-sex marriages begin in Vermont

Billy Slimback and Bob Sullivan, have been together for 17 years. The two have shared everything in life. The one thing they wanted more than anything was the chance to get married. Well they did, in Vermont. The law has been passed and the couple got married. they are now on their honeymoon.

I personally do not care in anyway about same sex marriage. I will say that my point of view was very different not too long ago. However, who am I to say that two people fully aware of all of the pros and cons of their relationship shouldn’t be recognized by law? I am no one. God is the ultimate judge, so I leave that responsibility to him.

I think that the Christan’s making a lot of noise about same sex marriage should just calm down. For us Christan’s marriage is a union before God and our vows are sacred and said in front of him. The Christian Church needs to reemphasize that the marriage license is a document required by law and important, so that two people can enjoy the privileges that come with having that license. God says obey the laws of your country. Render to Cesar what is his.

Marriage in a Church in front of God is a sacred covenant, two people make infornt of their friends, families and God most high. Same sex marriage should not in anyway bear consequence on heterosexual marriage.   

Share your thoughts. What do you think about same sex marriage?


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