Your Actions should debunk Stereotypes

There are so many stereotypes (both negative and positive) out there and they are all founded in the reality of a few. The whole problem with stereotypes is that they are generalized. They are often applied to whole segment of the population, or an ethnic group or even a certain career.

It is your job as a member of a group to try and debunk the negative stereotypes that are used to identify you. For example the stereotype of the Black male is lazy, uneducated, drug user, always in trouble with the law. Well if you are a Black male don’t do any of those things. Stay out of trouble with the law, get your education (either in the form of full college or a vocation) and don’t do drugs. Just imagine what would happen in the country if fewer Black men went to prison. I magin what would happen if they mentored or made their voices heard instead. It would be a revolution.

For the Black woman, the stereotype has been promiscuous, baby mama, angry,  etc. If you are a Black woman work to prove these stereotypes wrong. Don’t be a baby mama, marry a man and then become a mother. That would take care of the promiscuous perception as well.

Although I have only focused on these ethnic groups you get the point. Debunk the stereotype. The next time you are doing something think about this. How would the outcome of my actions be portrayed on the late night news? Begin with a sentence like this:

Today on the Head Line News _____________ was seen/heard doing ________________


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