Your spouse is not your enemy

It is so funny how sometimes I see or hear couples (married or dating) talk to each other like the other person is their enemy sent straigt from hell. I mean these people argue, fight or are passive aggressive towards their spouse.

Definations (bottom line)

The bottom line in an arguement is… You are wrong, my opinon is the only one that counts and I am not willing to hear you, see your point of view, or acknowledge that you are a person who has valid life experiences. In the end we will do what I say and you will jump when I say.

The bottom line of a disscussion is… You are a person with valid knowledge and experiences and so am I. I am willing to listen to you and respect what you say. I expect you to show me the same curtisy and together we can come to a solution that is best for our lives.

Your significant other is not your enemy. The both of you are fighting the same war and on the same said. Todays world is not condusive to monogomous marriage bound or married relationships. It is up to each couple to decide if they will loose the race and get a divorce, win the race of a life time.

Will you win the race? Or will you choose to give up? Leave a comment and let me know. I will be more than willing to chat (IM) with you. Leave me a message and I will give you more info. Challenge my brain.


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