A Challenge to churches in the Black Community

Hey there, today Tyler Perry released and e-mail that just broke my heart. It brought to mind the plight of so many children in this nation. I want to say before I start that I am in no way saying thees same problems do not exist in other communities, but I am currently focusing on the Black community.

Through out history the Church has been the foundation of the Black community. There are church on every corner in some communities. The Church has been a place of fellowship, union and the symbol of empowerment.

However, there is too much pain and too much dysfunction going on in some Black communities even though there are Churches located on the corner. It is time for Pastors and laymen to step up it up.  They need to provide counseling and classes to help this generation heal so that they do not continue the generational cycles of violence, abuse and poverty.

Preaching from the Pulpit is fine, but Pastors and laymen need to get into the communities and walk the streets and help counsel lost and dying souls. They need to meet people where they are instead of just singing and preaching and creating a false sense of security that only lasts until the sermon is over. If the people of the Church do not incooperate the Bible into their family life then the Church is not doing what it is supposed to.

Every Church in a Black neighbourhood needs to have AA, parenting classes, Addition counseling, self-esteem workshops etc. That is part of the ministry, showing people Gods love and mercy in a world filled with hardship and disappointment.

As you read this you maybe wondering, well what is she doing to help (start with the man in the mirror). I am in between schools (starting back in the Spring, you need a certificate to do anything legally), I have this blog and I am trying to get ideas for a fundraisers so I can start my ministry. I also volunteer at a pregnancy center.

So what are you doing to help?


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