Taking Responsibility

This morning on the way to Church, my family and I were listening to the radio and the announcer was talking about young people killing each other for car rims. Apparently car rims are now new and improved and everybody wants them. There were so many disturbing things about this report. Most disturbing of all is the fact that kids are killing each other for material possessions.

As my family and I were having a discussion and listening to the radio, someone said something to the effect of “they make these rims and sell them to the community”. Somehow this was to explain all of the death a destruction that has resulted from these material things, these things that are not even needs. This explanation also suggested that someone had a malicious purpose for selling this product to this community. So the businessman is at fault for the killings. Not the individuals killing each other.

My friends business is business. If I make a product and a certain segment of the population buy it more than other populations, I am going to promote my product more to the population that will bring me profit. I don’t care if the population is Black or White. I want to make money. How on earth can you blame the businessman for kids killing each other? This is crazy.

People!!!!! We need to wake up and take responsibility for our communities and our children. I have heard civil right leaders and people over the air ways say over and over that they want change. The barrier to change is the system, they say. Ok I will give you some points on that, but how about the minor details of day-to-day living that we all have control over? Let me list some:

1 You have control over whether you wake up on time to get to work. It is in your control. You don’t have to wake up late and get a speeding ticket. If you do wake up late and get a speeding ticket that means you have to come in contact with law enforcement and once that happens suck it up, pay for your ticket and wake up early the next morning.

2 You have control over your children. They should be on a schedule. They should not be in street making themselves easy targets for the police who are “simply out to get the Black kids in jail”. Your children should go to school, come home, do their home work and have conversations with you. They have no business being in the streets coveting other people’s property to the point of committing murder.

3 You are in charge of your education. Go get financial aid like the rest of us poor people. Go to school and improve your employability. Then apply for the appropriate job. The job that matches your skills.
See the thing is all of us just want to talk about the bad situations. We want to rant and rave and get angry. In the end when we do not effect constructive change, we are our own jailers and our own prosecutor. We are our own worst enemy.
Do the hardest thing in the world and take a look in the mirror. Until you can get you act together this nation will just be spinning its wheels and equality will just be an illusion.


Money is part of the answer

Money is only 50% of the solution to the issues of violence and death occurring among teens nationwide.  I understand the countries need to send money and to send advisors ect. However, the problem is greater than that. Which is the main reason why it is taking so long to find a solution to the violence and destruction.

Any committee that comes up with a solution needs to understand that until they can help the parents and families in these communities, they are simply putting a band-aid on the wound.  The solution to the problem has to include a program for getting parents help and support.

There are already several programs out there that support parents. They include Big Brother programs and other after school programs. Those programs are there to help support the parents and provide positive mentorship for children. They where not created to shoulder the load of the family and fulfill all of  the needs of children. Those programs were created to supplement and reenforce the values and beliefs that families have  already instilled in their children.

Thus, if after school programs are being used to shoulder the burden of families and instill moral values in children, the program will eventually fail and only a few children will be successful.  The successful children will more than likely be the children who already have structure and boundaries at home. There are exceptions, where some children who have never had structure in they household become successful because of mentorship programs but they are the exception not the rule.

Parents need support in todays fast world. However, when you see communities that have violences, especially with teens, then there has been a breakdown in family and parental structure. The parents in that community need help.

Committees and experts can help parents and families through meeting them where they are. They can help parents understand what it means to be a parent through parenting classes. They can also teach parents how to show their children love and how to set appropriate boundaries for them. To do this experts need to evaluate the demographics in the community and create the appropriate programs.

Stay tunes for more….


As more and more people reflect on Micheal Jackson’s death, his child molestation trial comes up and it just leads me to ask some serious questions of parents in general.

Please keep in mind that I am in no way saying I believe Micheal Jackson was guilty or not guilty of any of the charges brought against him.

To Parents of all the children that went to the Neverland Ranch and spent the night. These questions can be asked of all parents who are leaving their children in overnight facilities.

1 Did you at anytime fill out a medical liability form?

This form is so, so important. It gives the caregiver important information about the child’s overall health and the name of their primary doctor. It also lists any conditions for which the child takes medication and how medication should be administered.

2 Did you at anytime investigate the facilities to evaluate the overall safety of the ranch?

Just walk around and check to see where the children will sleep? Did you check to see if  there were cracks in the equipment, were there animals on the property, is the property clean?

3 If you filled out any forms, did the forms include items like person of emergency contact, food allergies, food preferences?

It is important for a caregiver to know who to call in case of an emergency especially overnight. Food allergies are given and a food preference questions allows the caregiver to know what your child will eat.

4 Did you you at anytime inquire about the insurance liability the ranch carries?

All facilities that house children overnight should have insurance in case of any emergencies. To obtain insurance there are some prerequisites like all employees need to have a background check, the facility is inspected and only if it passes inspection do they get insurance. This should give you a little peace of mind.


5 Did you at anytime inquire about the staff background? Did you at anytime meet the staff who would be directly taking care of your children?

Staff background is self explanatory. You have to meet the person who will be with your child during the night. Simple and clear!!!!!!! No buts about it!!!!!

Parent why are you putting your children in danger?

The ultimate question. Child molesters are not going to stop until they are put away. So it is up to you as a parent to protect your children in situations that are in your control.

Stay tuned for situations in your control.

To all of the parents who have tried to protect their children and it was not enough. I pray with you and I ask Gods blessings on your little ones.

The dumbest Idea Ever

One of the Dumbest Thing I Every Heard

I have heard some dumb proposals in my lifetime, but this one just takes the cake. There are certain school districts (none of them in Texas) that are trying to changing the grading system. They want to change the system, so that more children can have a better-looking transcript so that they can get into college.

If the school board passes this proposal, more children will get the coveted A. Doesn’t this make you sick. It makes me sick to my stomach.

Besides all of the obvious reasons why this new system is a bad idea; American students are already having a hard time competing with other students industrial nations. This new grading system will reduce this countries change of competing in the global economy even further.

Parents, do home work with you children. Help them understand the value of education. Don’t just make excuses for your children. When you make excuses for your children, it hurts you, your child and the entire country in the end.

Set a schedule for your child:

3:45- Come home form school

4:10- Eat a snack

4:30- Do home work (with parent sitting right there helping). Go to the computer and get extra work sheets. Multitask and have dinner cooking at the same time. If you can’t help you child, if someone who can.

6:30-Dinner time

7:30-Bath time

8:00-TV time

8:30- Bed time

Now the schedule doesn’t have to be rigid, but you need a schedule none the less. All experts say that children function better when they have a schedule. Pay attention to your child. They are your responsibility. If something is wrong with your child deal with it!

Of course setting a schedule requires you to actually sacrifice you time and actually be there for your child, and why in the world should you do that?