The Old Woman Who Live in a Shoe

There was an old woman
Who lived in a shoe
She has so many children
She didn’t know what to do
She gave then some broth
Without any bread
She whipped them all soundly
And sent the to bed

Read the nursery rhyme above and picture this woman, she is a mother, a sister, a daughter. If you think you have never seen a woman like this. Go to your local high schools, go to the nearest low income housing building in your community, go to your local super market.There are women all around who look this woman. They are living in poverty and having children for men who do not want the responsibility.

It is time we acted as strong women. We need to tell teenage girls that it is not ok to get pregnant out of wedlock. We need to tell them to avoid risky behavior and we need to tell them that they deserve more than a guy who will profess love and sleep with them. Then walk away.

Think about this, are we really showing our young women how to love themselves to the point that they will not let anything or anyone come in the way of them finding physical, emotional and spiritual success?


A Life Style: Courting Part 2

Courting is life style. The main purpose of courting is marriage. The people who decide to court and are successful at courting make purity a life style. It is a way of living that includes healthy eating habits, a healthy spiritual life, healthy relationships with family members and a healthy relationship all of the people the person comes in contact with.

When a person decides to court, they must choose a partner who is a willing to court as well, otherwise, it will not work. The partner has to understand what courting is and understand the benefits of courting.

The benefits of courting include:

-Clear thinking without the emotional cloud involved in a sexual relationship.
-Friendship which is very important for a good marriage
-No risks of pregancy or STD’s
-Socialzing with other like minded coupes, which will be helpful for acountability and healthy friendshis once yo are married

More Beautiful You

This is the lyrics to a song by Jonny Diaz. Click on the red text to hear the song.