Revive The Movement

After listening to the news and hearing about all of the children who have lost their lives in Chicago, I have to rewrite this blog and my position.

Nothing change in Chicago and other violent areas if parents don’t start being parents. When parents decide to forget living above their means. What happened to the days when parents went to work, worked their regular hours (not over time every week or weekend) and came home.

People are going to get mad when I say this but the Women’s movement is partly to blame for this ( I am not saying in any way that the movement   should not have happened). The movement needs to COME BACK and redefine the roles of men and women in the family setting. Women went out in the work place, but the culture still has not adjusted to that change. Thus children come home to empty houses and they have no one to love on them and make sure they are doing the right thing.

My solution:

Each family needs to evaluate their current situation. If the woman is making more money than the man, he needs to suck it up and take primary responsibility for the kids. That means being there when they come home, making sure their homework is done and communicating with them, their teachers and their friends. If the man is making more money. Ladies priorities and take primary responsibility for the children. Someone needs to make sure the children are a priority, otherwise they will grow up with no regard for people and no understanding of empathy.

The movement needs to be revived to advocate responsible parenting and responsible wealth accumulation. We need to hit the talk shows, social networks, news casts, and advertisements on tv. We need to use every form of media to reach dying families.

The movement also has to come back and let women know it is ok to want to stay home. We need to let women know that they do not have to feel guilty because they want to stay home with their children and they want to make the sacrifices necessary to raise good, kind and humble kids.


The Old Woman Who Live in a Shoe

There was an old woman
Who lived in a shoe
She has so many children
She didn’t know what to do
She gave then some broth
Without any bread
She whipped them all soundly
And sent the to bed

Read the nursery rhyme above and picture this woman, she is a mother, a sister, a daughter. If you think you have never seen a woman like this. Go to your local high schools, go to the nearest low income housing building in your community, go to your local super market.There are women all around who look this woman. They are living in poverty and having children for men who do not want the responsibility.

It is time we acted as strong women. We need to tell teenage girls that it is not ok to get pregnant out of wedlock. We need to tell them to avoid risky behavior and we need to tell them that they deserve more than a guy who will profess love and sleep with them. Then walk away.

Think about this, are we really showing our young women how to love themselves to the point that they will not let anything or anyone come in the way of them finding physical, emotional and spiritual success?

Katherain Jackson gets custody

Today 08-03-2009 a Superior Court Judge in Los Angles granted permanent guardianship to of Micheal Jackson’s children to Katherine Jackson.

This ruling upholds Micheal Jacksons wishes to have his mother care for his precious children. The love Micheal had for his mother was evident to everyone who knew the Pop Star and his family. He apparently wanted his children to share in that love.

The Jackson children range in age from 7 to 12 and I am sure the world will be watching as they grow up become their own people. It is said that the two oldest children signed a petition stating that they want to remain with the Jackson family.

A happy ending to a long drawn out battle. RIP Micheal

Paris Jackson: A Little Lady

Today the world watched a memorial service for the worlds best and biggest entertainer (Michael Jackson). As I sat and watched, I saw each one of his children sit in their chair and behave in a manner that showed they were raised with love and dignity.

Paris Jackson is a beautiful sweet little lady, who participated in the occasion with the mannerisms of a woman, not a little girl her age. When she tried to give a final farewell to her father. It was one of the most heart felt, touching moment of the entire event. It was easy to see her pain and how much she loves her father.

I pray for all the Jackson children, but I pray most of all for Paris. May she grow up to be a loving soul, who will carry on her fathers humanitarian spirit through the world.

The Generational Curse

visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children even unto the third and fourth generation of them-author unknown

This quote can be found in a very ancient book, but these words are still true. The word fathers can be used interchangeably with mothers. So how did these ancient people get it and we don’t? I mean with all of our technology and civilization, we have forgotten some simple truths.

Generational curses are alive and well all around us. Most recently, we have seen an example of generational curses on every news channel or talk show, all reporting on the Chris Brown and Riannah saga. On one of Oprah’s recent shows, we heard former abusers state that they had been abused themselves or witnessed abuse in their households as a child.

Research shows that individuals (men or women) who were sexually abused by family members go on abuse their children. Research also shows that children brought up in poverty, are more likely to stay in poverty. There are ways to break the circle of poverty in families. Sometimes it takes just one individual to turn things around. Here are three people, who broke the generational curse in their families:

Roland Fryer -mother, father, aunts and uncles all did drugs or sold drugs. Now he is the youngest professor to get tenure at Harvard and he is a well respected economist.

Harriet Tubman- Famous for her care of the sick and her role in the civil rights movement. She was born into slavery and died a free woman.

Tyler Perry- Now on the Holly wood A-list, he was born and raise in poverty and a household touched by abuse.

Add names to this list. Remember the person has to have overcome childhood poverty, abuse or negativity due to their family of origin. If you have had to overcome some of these things. Feel free to share.
Ladies we are informed, well educated and strong. It is your responsibility to choose the right partner, someone who is determined to live his or her life in a peaceful and successful way. Be careful not to start the generational curse or continue the curse into the next generation of your family. Make sure your significant other has the following qualities (in no particular order):

1. He is still actively involved in positive family communication
2. He has a dream and vision for success that matches your own
3. He is kind and considerate
4. He is up to date on current affaires
5. He is healthy or making new healthy choices
6. His spiritual beliefs matches yours

Remember only you will be responsible for what happens in the long run.

Is sexual freedom for women really worth it?

The concept of sexual freedom for women needs to change. Part 1

For some reason the idea of sexual freedom for women has become the perverted idea that women can sleep with, as many partners are they want to and there will be no consequences. Now a middle class woman that sleeps with a middle class man or a man of higher class and she is seen as an independent woman. However, a woman of lower socio-economic status who sleeps around is thought of as loose and cheap.

The difference between the two women is that the woman of lower socio-economic status is more likely to get pregnant or contract an STD. There are several reasons for that. One is that she has less resources and access to birth control and condoms. Second, they are more likely to have sex with men who use intravenous drugs, doubling their chances of having an STD.

Sexual freedom for these women is a life sentence. It is sentence to a life of poverty, and a life that looks very different from the one she had originally planned. This story goes similarly for working class women except their decent into poverty is a little slower.

Stay tuned for part 2: A Matter of Anatomy

The dumbest Idea Ever

One of the Dumbest Thing I Every Heard

I have heard some dumb proposals in my lifetime, but this one just takes the cake. There are certain school districts (none of them in Texas) that are trying to changing the grading system. They want to change the system, so that more children can have a better-looking transcript so that they can get into college.

If the school board passes this proposal, more children will get the coveted A. Doesn’t this make you sick. It makes me sick to my stomach.

Besides all of the obvious reasons why this new system is a bad idea; American students are already having a hard time competing with other students industrial nations. This new grading system will reduce this countries change of competing in the global economy even further.

Parents, do home work with you children. Help them understand the value of education. Don’t just make excuses for your children. When you make excuses for your children, it hurts you, your child and the entire country in the end.

Set a schedule for your child:

3:45- Come home form school

4:10- Eat a snack

4:30- Do home work (with parent sitting right there helping). Go to the computer and get extra work sheets. Multitask and have dinner cooking at the same time. If you can’t help you child, if someone who can.

6:30-Dinner time

7:30-Bath time

8:00-TV time

8:30- Bed time

Now the schedule doesn’t have to be rigid, but you need a schedule none the less. All experts say that children function better when they have a schedule. Pay attention to your child. They are your responsibility. If something is wrong with your child deal with it!

Of course setting a schedule requires you to actually sacrifice you time and actually be there for your child, and why in the world should you do that?