Paris Jackson: A Little Lady

Today the world watched a memorial service for the worlds best and biggest entertainer (Michael Jackson). As I sat and watched, I saw each one of his children sit in their chair and behave in a manner that showed they were raised with love and dignity.

Paris Jackson is a beautiful sweet little lady, who participated in the occasion with the mannerisms of a woman, not a little girl her age. When she tried to give a final farewell to her father. It was one of the most heart felt, touching moment of the entire event. It was easy to see her pain and how much she loves her father.

I pray for all the Jackson children, but I pray most of all for Paris. May she grow up to be a loving soul, who will carry on her fathers humanitarian spirit through the world.


Real Woman: Natasha Richardson

The world of acting has lost a real star; Natasha Richardson will be missed by all. Over the years, I have enjoyed Richardson’s movies. Of course, my personal favorite was the parent Trap.

Natasha Richardson was a good actress, but she was also a wife and a mother. She is a symbol of hope. Hope that being famous does not mean that a woman has to give up her dreams of a successful marriage. She has proven that it is possible for a woman to pursue her dreams and career, while still exploring the joys of being a wife and the adventures of being a mother.

From all accounts, Richardson scheduled her filming and career around her family. She was not a selfish woman. She made the decision to get married and have children and she took her responsibilities seriously. It is so refreshing to know that a woman can achieve all of her dreams in the chaotic world of Hollywood.

To the family and friends of Natasha Richardson:

I pray that you will always have wonderful memories of the wife, daughter, mother and friend that you have lost. I hope that you always stand by her husband and sons, because they will need you more now than ever. Stand by them not just today, but tomorrow, a week from now, and years from now.

To Liam Neeson and His sons:
Richardson, Natasha & Neeson, Liam
Thank you for sharing your wife and mother with us. She had a true talent and she was a wonderful example of a strong, selfless woman. As a fan fans I will miss looking forward to her next movie. I will also keep you in my prayers. I hope you will always she wonder memories to get you through the tough times.