Our Dirty Little Secret

Well it is all out now!!!!!

Hey guys we women have a dirty little secret that I want to share with you. Are you ready for it? Are you sitting down? You have to sit down for this one. Ok, here goes….

WE CAN GET PREGNANT!!! OMG what a shock!!!!

Yes it is true we can get pregnant with or without birth control. See it is Biology 101. Refer to it the next time you see a sexy single lady flashing a smile your way.

Oh and we can get pregnant even when we are not trying to. It is something that just happens as a result of sexual intercourse. Remember that, the next time you are about to…
 hop in the sack
take a roll in the hay
rock the boat
do the horizontal tango
sow your wild oats
take ride on the wild side

I can go on but you get the point. So don’t be shocked and complain when you sleep with a woman that is not your wife and she tells you she is pregnant and asks you for child support.



A Life Style: Courting Part 2

Courting is life style. The main purpose of courting is marriage. The people who decide to court and are successful at courting make purity a life style. It is a way of living that includes healthy eating habits, a healthy spiritual life, healthy relationships with family members and a healthy relationship all of the people the person comes in contact with.

When a person decides to court, they must choose a partner who is a willing to court as well, otherwise, it will not work. The partner has to understand what courting is and understand the benefits of courting.

The benefits of courting include:

-Clear thinking without the emotional cloud involved in a sexual relationship.
-Friendship which is very important for a good marriage
-No risks of pregancy or STD’s
-Socialzing with other like minded coupes, which will be helpful for acountability and healthy friendshis once yo are married

More Beautiful You

This is the lyrics to a song by Jonny Diaz. Click on the red text to hear the song.

Read the fine print

Ladies as you head out for the night. As you apply your make-up, and put on your skinny jean or sexy dress. I want to leave you with one statement. When you are done with your quest of perfection and you are staring at your face in the mirror, reflect on the statement below.

Ps: A strong woman is never caught unawares.

Mental Signature Needed

For all the ladies who are sexually active. Don’t leave home without mentally signing this statement. Take all precautions necessary to stay healthy and worry free.

I understand that every time I engage in sexual activity I am at risk of becoming pregnant and or contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Sign here:_________________________________

Gentlemen, as you shave and get all of the stray hairs under control (of course a man with a beard is sexy too); as you press your shirt and put on those boxers, or briefs, and pants. I want you to take a moment and reflect on the statement below.

PS: Stay healthy and clean. No woman likes a dirty boy!

Mental Signature Needed

I understand that every time I engage in sexual activity I am at risk of becoming a parent and or contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Sign here:__________________________________________