The Generational Curse

visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children even unto the third and fourth generation of them-author unknown

This quote can be found in a very ancient book, but these words are still true. The word fathers can be used interchangeably with mothers. So how did these ancient people get it and we don’t? I mean with all of our technology and civilization, we have forgotten some simple truths.

Generational curses are alive and well all around us. Most recently, we have seen an example of generational curses on every news channel or talk show, all reporting on the Chris Brown and Riannah saga. On one of Oprah’s recent shows, we heard former abusers state that they had been abused themselves or witnessed abuse in their households as a child.

Research shows that individuals (men or women) who were sexually abused by family members go on abuse their children. Research also shows that children brought up in poverty, are more likely to stay in poverty. There are ways to break the circle of poverty in families. Sometimes it takes just one individual to turn things around. Here are three people, who broke the generational curse in their families:

Roland Fryer -mother, father, aunts and uncles all did drugs or sold drugs. Now he is the youngest professor to get tenure at Harvard and he is a well respected economist.

Harriet Tubman- Famous for her care of the sick and her role in the civil rights movement. She was born into slavery and died a free woman.

Tyler Perry- Now on the Holly wood A-list, he was born and raise in poverty and a household touched by abuse.

Add names to this list. Remember the person has to have overcome childhood poverty, abuse or negativity due to their family of origin. If you have had to overcome some of these things. Feel free to share.
Ladies we are informed, well educated and strong. It is your responsibility to choose the right partner, someone who is determined to live his or her life in a peaceful and successful way. Be careful not to start the generational curse or continue the curse into the next generation of your family. Make sure your significant other has the following qualities (in no particular order):

1. He is still actively involved in positive family communication
2. He has a dream and vision for success that matches your own
3. He is kind and considerate
4. He is up to date on current affaires
5. He is healthy or making new healthy choices
6. His spiritual beliefs matches yours

Remember only you will be responsible for what happens in the long run.